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Skinning coyote

Remove the skin and prepare it in same way as that of a small mammal for mounting. When the carcass is bared in skinning, measure the girth of the neck at middle and at base; of the chest just behind the forelegs; the abdomen at its middle; the upper-arm at middle; the forearm just below elbow; the thigh at middle; the shank just
below swell of thigh muscles back of knee, and the tail near its base. (See Fig. 40 for measurements.)

Lay the carcass upon a large piece of wrapping paper and take an outline of it complete, both before and after skinning.

Use same incisions and remove skin identically as in small specimen. Upon the outline sketch of peeled complete carcass set down the
girth measurements in their proper places as taken with the tape. As in smaller specimens, these outline sketches will be found of great
value as an aid to preserving natural lines in mounting.